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another one.
"Yours forever" - I have said that only once in my life.

I was alone inside the church (my home locale in Paniqui, Tarlac), writing a short note for the love of my life, Ver. It was year 2007, I told myself, this is the year where at last, I will be happy, because I was with Ver. I was very happy. And then after awhile, it all come to an end. Reasons I cannot explain years back. For the first time I fell in love, and for the first time I got hurt because of love. It took me years to forget, then out of the blue, I have decided to go to Sydney.

I was so hurt that I told myself I will never use the word 'forever' anymore. I never said forever to anyone since then. I don't believe in that word anymore when it comes to Love. Whenever someone tells me that, I just smile and say 'there's no such thing', and we can never tell the future, and we should not plan the future so we won't get hurt even more if it ended.

And then recently, a stranger told me the same phrase, exact words. Maybe coincidence, maybe just trying to be nice, maybe he's just saying that a lot, maybe something's there, maybe this time life is teaching me something that I forgot, maybe if there's a first there's a last, maybe I just got fooled by life for not saying those words to the ones I have loved, and I ended hearing it out from a stranger.

Honestly I got scared. What is happening? I need answers. What is happening to me? I'm scared :(

I hope someday I will say that phrase again. In the right time, place and person.

I wish..... :'(

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Sounds sad what you wrote about the word forever. I dont know anything on earth that last forever. Though they say a soul goes on further.

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