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felt something weird.
Listened to 'Love of my life' by Brickman again and honestly, now, there's a new picture.

I don't know it just happened. That quick? How? One day on facebook, I broadcasted that I am so inlove, and after a week or two, next scene - blank. My life changed. Again. To be more particular. Just like that. Why? I don't know what is going on? One day I woke up and was feeling so alive! Just making conversations make me happy, some were silly but I am.

When I saw him outside the window of the airport trying to find me and was ringing me , I felt something different. Suddenly I wanted to be the person he knew for a very long time. This is crazy. I don't even know maybe he's a killer or something!

We've met but he will soon disappear. He doesn't need me. We're meant to meet each other but not to be together. Even the time frame was planned, just one week. I wish it was a year. Or two. Or maybe a decade. But yeah, everything happens for best of everyone. He's my mentor. :) I have learned things, things that I really need to know. We had some talks about some things, and when I see him laughing I can't help but smile. I don't know I'm just happy when he's happy. When I'm talking with him, I'm not worrying about anything. I just want to talk with him, that's it. Its been just a month now I guess, I don't know if I like him or love him or feeling comfortable with him as a friend, I don't know. All I know now is that whatever I'm feeling right now it has to stop. Or else I will go back to the old me, waiting, always waiting for someone/something. I think he was given to me to be like a 'test'. He was brought to me so I can figure out what went wrong and what is my real happiness.

I think I know now why I want a bear from him, because I don't want to forget him.

Ok when I thought about these things it was freaky, but now that I'm writing it its even more freakyy!! What is wrong with me honestly?!

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