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What future beholds
There are many regrets i think of each day. Everyday i wonder what went wrong to myself and my career. I have wasted a long time doing nothing. If only i can go back and re-do the past two years of my life!

I have always dreamt of coming back to Australia and settling there and with that i thought there is no reason for me to work here in the philippines. Its been two years now, and i am still here, waiting, planning, dreaming, in a few hundred square-metered house. Not to mention the over-eating and over-sleeping habit each day passes.

Now im trying to fix everything physically change myself and try to earn while im still waiting for my 'i guess' last visa application to australia. I want to go to gym almost everyday to get my stamina and strength back, go take the cresar course and constantly updating my application abroad.

I really hope i can get back on my feet and be successful someday! With or without the help of what filipino used to call 'backer'. At the end of the day, i believe that God made everything happened so i must not worry. :-)

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